Student Programming Board

This is The Board.

We plan cool things.

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We want to make Pepperdine the place to be!

The Student Programming Board is a committee of appointed Pepperdine students dedicated to bringing students together by planning, organizing, and executing events for the Pepperdine community.


To be intentional in looking for what students want, and then implementing it.

To draw the entire Pepperdine community and be inclusive, reaching out to all students.

To serve the Pepperdine community with an unprecedented level of morale, pride, energy and stewarding of a comprehensive program of social and recreational events.

To provide events that foster community within the Pepperdine student population.

To foster an atmosphere of fun in events for the students.

To create events that are of purpose and meaning.

To work together with other student organizations.

How We Do It

The Student Programming Board puts on events where everyone is welcome! Some of those events you might have already been to include Coffeehouse, ReelStories Film Festival, and Blue and Orange Madness. We pride ourselves on creating great events for the students by the students, with no additional cost.*

The Board hosts events almost every weekend, so keep an eye out for our monthly Board email newsletters or our Student Life Calendars (you can find these in the HAWC or Sandbar) to stay up to date with all things Board. We're also always looking for new ideas and/or feedback so if you want to let us know about something, go ahead and submit it on our Contact page!

*See FAQ page for explanation on why you can leave your wallet at home when you come to our events.



Want to get involved?

Join our volunteer program!

Throughout the year we put on BIG events. Whether that be Blue and Orange Madness, ReelStories Film Festival (RSFFX) or Pacific Sounds Music + Arts Festival, we'd love to help you be a part of the magic. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to pay to attend Board events?

A. Most Board events have no additional cost, because they are funded by a portion of the Campus Life Fee. Every Seaver Undergraduate student pays this fee each semester. Unless otherwise noted, all you need is your student ID to join the fun!


Q. Where does the BOARD budget come from?

A. The Board budget comes from the Campus Life Fee. 40% of the fee goes to the Student Programming Board, 25% to ICC, 25% to SGA, and 10% to SWAB. For the students who are studying abroad, their Board and ICC portions go directly to the respective international programs. Moral of the story: you’ve already paid so get involved! Whether that’s by coming to Board events, joining student organizations, working with SGA to better the campus, or enjoying health and wellness programming put on by SWAB.


Q. How can I get involved with the BOARD?

A. Glad you asked! We take volunteers for our larger events like Blue and Orange Madness and ReelStories Film Festival. You can fill out the form on this page when the event rolls around. Keep checking back for upcoming opportunities to volunteer! If you're looking to join the Board, read on!


Q. How can I be a part of the Board?

A. The Student Programming Board is a full-year commitment and a paid job. Snag your chance to apply for the upcoming year when applications open up, usually in February! You can find the applications here.